Marc Quinn

  • "Making Waves" Documentary Film
    From October 16, 2014

    Artist Marc Quinn’s life is captured in all its many guises in a documentary film, entitled "Making Waves", celebrating its premiere on Thursday 16 October at the 58th BFI London Film Festival.

    Recording one year in the life of artist Marc Quinn, the documentary delves into the nature of creativity. Given unprecedented insight into an artistic practice that zips around the globe, from new work in New York and a reworking of the Alison Lapper sculpture in Venice to a display at the Chelsea Flower show and many other stops along the way, Gerry Fox has an obvious rapport with his subject.

    The film also has a keen eye for the absurdities of the art world, which Quinn treats with a zen parity, whether it’s hanging with Lionel Richie, casting for models in a tattoo convention or meeting the Queen.

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  • 'Violence and Serenity'
    September 12, 2014 - November 30, 2014
    CAC Málaga, Centro de Arte Contemporáneo

    With 'Violence and Serenity' the CAC Málaga presents the first major solo museum presentation in Spain of British artist Marc Quinn that will include a selection of new and recent works continuing Quinn's investigation into some of the key concerns of our age. The exhibition will centre around a new body of work entitled the 'Toxic Sublime', distorted landscapes that blur the boundaries between painting and sculpture. In the 'Creation of History' series, which comprises oil paintings on canvas and jacquard tapestries, Quinn again returns to an ancient form of art, the history painting, but brings it right into the present day by focusing on how our subjective response to and collective memory of contemporary events can create our historical past.

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    February 8, 2014 - April 26, 2014
    ARTER - Space for Art
    Istanbul, Turkey

    The Sleep of Reason brings together more than 30 works, presenting the wide range of media and materials used by Marc Quinn. The exhibition features a number of his seminal works along with some of his most recent paintings and sculptures, which will be shown for the first time at ARTER.


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    May 29, 2013 - September 29, 2013

    The Giorgio Cini Foundation is delighted to announce Marc Quinn, a major exhibition which opens on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore on 28 May 2013 in tandem with the inauguration of the 55th Venice Biennale of Visual Arts. Curated by Germano Celant, the solo show includes sculptures, paintings and other art objects.



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    From January 18, 2013
    Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

    Marc Quinn's monumental 2008 sculpture Planet has been donated for permanent display at the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. The artist's work, which depicts his son as a sleeping baby and appears to hover above the ground, has previously been shown to great acclaim in the Beyond Limits exhibition of contemporary sculpture at Chatsworth House in 2008 and in his 2012 exhibition The Littoral Zone at the Musée Océanographique in Monaco.Singapore and present Singapore to the World.


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    October 26, 2012 - November 16, 2012
    Multimedia Art Museum Moscow

    Marc Quinn’s wide-ranging oeuvre displays a preoccupation with the mutability of the body and the dualisms that define human life: spiritual and physical, surface and depth, cerebral and sexual. This is Quinn’s first exhibition in Russia and the presentation will include recent paintings and sculptures that explore the themes inherent to the artist’s practice.


    The Big Wheel Keeps on Turning is the story of the planet and everything that lives on it. It is our lives in time. Like the spiral of a shell, the world is in constant revolution.

    Marc Quinn


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  • THE ORIGIN OF THE WORLD (Cassis Madagascariensis) Indian Ocean, 310
    From October 24, 2012
    Outdoor project at the Jardin des Tuileries, Paris

    With "The Origin of the World (Cassis Madagascariensis) Indian Ocean, 310, Marc Quinn presents a realistic shell cast in bronze, 3 meters high. The title of the work refers to the emblematic painting by Gustave Courbet “L’Origine du Monde” (1866) and invites the observer to perceive the work as a monumental symbol of a woman’s sex. Marc Quinn refers to the history of art and its masterpieces; indeed the artist alludes to Sandro Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus” (c. 1485), which represents the birth of the goddess of love, escaping gently from a shell as she arises from the sea foam. As a witness of a disturbed era, the work illustrates the need to find retreat in a close and protective environment, expressed by the use of round and soft shapes.



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  • The Littoral Zone
    May 12, 2012 - October 15, 2012

    "The Littoral Zone" is showcasing, in the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, exceptional works by Marc Quinn. Presented amidst the collection of marine specimens and fauna, the exhibition has the curatorial premise to create, without borders, a dialogue between Art and Science. 

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  • All of Nature Flows Through Us
    January 21, 2012 - April 29, 2012
    KUNSTEN Museum of Modern Art
    Aalborg, Denmark

    For the KUNSTEN museum of Aalborg, Marc Quinn uses a startling array of materials, ranging from the traditional (such as marble and bronze) to the untraditional (for example, blood and fire). He regards art as a concrete philosophy and his motif world explores the major issues of life and death, gender and transformation, identity, and the icons of our contemporary world. His first solo show in Denmark presents large-scale sculptures and paintings from the period 2000 to 2011.

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