Jean-Marc Bustamante

La Chambre des Saintes


La Chambre des Saintes

La Chambre des Saintes

Press release

The Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac is pleased to announce an exhibition by Jean-Marc Bustamante, opening on Saturday, September 13th.

In this new project entitled La Chambre des Saintes (The Room of the Saints), Bustamante transforms the exhibition space, inviting the viewer into an enclosed space that is at once public and private. The visitor's gaze will alternately lead him/her through a succession of stages punctuated by new works that occupy and accentuate the space.
A monochrome, screen-printed, Plexiglas screen in three parts will seal off the entrance to La Chambre des Saintes. In walking around this screened entrance, one will discover the Chambre with walls covered in wallpaper with streaks of neutral colors that are simple and understated.

For the center of the room, Jean-Marc Bustamante invited Franz West to create an original piece of furniture upholstered in a hand-screened fabric with patterns designed by Bustamante, which acts as a vantage point for converging view points.
The artist will present five new painted works on Plexiglas. Apart from the process of these works being considered as mysterious and unique, they also represent a freshness and sophistication, which Bustamante's work has embodied since 1998. He creates a visual and immaterial space where a mélange of casualness, naiveté and humor affirm this relationship to art that is so dear to the artist.

These visual elements come together through lines, colors that are always unexpected and often built upon a silent narrative that is simultaneous to the artist's gesture, which continues to freely explore the place of art and to push its limits.

Jean-Marc Bustamante lives and works in Paris.
His upcoming solo museum exhibitions will take place this fall at the MAC's Grand-Hornu, the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Brussels, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, as well as the Cultural Foundation Ekaterina in Moscow in the spring of 2009.