• Imi Knoebel
    Imi Knoebel. Works 1966 − 2014
    October 25, 2014 - February 15, 2015
    Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, Wolfsburg, Germany

    In celebration of Imi Knoebel’s 75th birthday, the Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg will be the first institution worldwide in nearly twenty years to present a comprehensive exhibition of the oeuvre of this important German artist. Imi Knoebel. Works 1966 – 2014 features major works and groups of works, from the Line Paintings (1966) and Room 19 (1968/2006), to Eigentum Himmelreich [Property of Heaven] (1983) and the aluminum paintings from the 1990s, all the way to his most recent works. For more information please click here