• Oliver Beer
    Life, Death and Tennis / Deconstructing Sound
    November 7, 2015 - December 6, 2015
    Tokyo, Japan

    Oliver Beer is the recipient of the Daiwa Foundation Art Prize 2015. In this context, the artist was invited to show his work in Japan in two venues as well as to particpate in several talks.

    The exhibition at AOYAMA-MEGURO (7 - 28 Nov.) will provide a survey of Oliver Beer’s extensive practice, conceived through his exploration of vision and sound. It includes: Life, Death and Tennis (2015), his new film edited from the televised Wimbledon final; Silence is Golden (2013), glass spheres each of which contains a gold replica of one of the ossicles; This is a Churchwarden Pipe (2014), a bisected tobacco pipe. Head of the prize jury, Jonathan Watkins remarks: “Much of Oliver Beer’s work embodies absence.”

    The exhibition Deconstructing Sound at ASAKUSA (8 Nov. - 6 Dec.) is the first exhibition dedicated to a specific field of Beer's work: videos, and illustrates how the artist analyses the question of sound in this medium.

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    For more information on the ASAKUSA exhibition