• Sylvie Fleury
    Eternity Now
    December 2, 2015 - May 31, 2016
    Bass Museum of Art
    Miami, Florida, USA

    Sylvie Fleury is known for her seductive works that re-contextualize status symbols, luxury goods and brand slogans. Eternity Now, 2015, her newest site-specific neon, will be installed on the façade of the Bass Museum of Art’s Art Deco building, as part of bassX, the museum’s series of artist projects presented during its year-long renovation.

    In a separate project, Sylvie Fleury has created a custom-design banner that encircles the construction site of the Bass Museum’s building renovation. The pattern recalls the artist’s series of Go Bust paintings, 2005, which were inspired by early self-portraits of her silhouette in a polka-dot sweater.

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