• Richard Deacon
    Ernst Franz Vollmann Prize for Sculpture 2017
    January 4, 2017 - January 11, 2017

    Richard Deacon was awarded the Ernst Franz Vogelmann Prize for Sculpture on Tuesday. Since 2008, the honorary award has been jointly granted by Städtische Museen Heilbronn (Municipal Museums Heilbronn) and the Ernst Franz Vogelmann Stiftung (Ernst Franz Vogelmann Foundation), both based in Heilbronn, Germany. It also includes a solo exhibition at Kunsthalle Vogelmann in autumn 2017. Past winners of the triennial prize are Thomas Schütte (2014), Franz Erhard Walther (2011), and Roman Signer (2008).

    Deacon was cited as a “leading representative of contemporary sculpture and at the same time the most imaginative sculptor of his generation.” The Welsh-born artist, who lives in London, acknowledged the honor, telling GPA (German Press Agency), “I am very grateful that the jury has chosen me, and I am very pleased to exhibit in Heilbronn.” Deacon is known for his voluptuous abstract forms in wood, ceramics, stainless steel, and plastic—he also produces drawings, collages, and prints.