• Ali Banisadr
    February 2, 2019 - July 28, 2019
    ‘Micro-Macro: Andrew Sendor and Ali Banisadr’ opens Saturday 2 February at MOCA in Jacksonville.
    AliBanisadr ‘s semi-abstract paintings are juxtaposed with Sendor’s stylistically photo-realistic works, presenting the viewer with two diverging stylistic approaches to
    painting. However, the two artists share an extraordinary attention to detail and process.
    Ali Banisadr is known for his frenetic, fractured compositions, inspired by the world that surround him as well as by his own memories. Growing up during the Islamic Revolution, his
    approach to abstraction evokes notions of displacement, chaos, memory and violence. His fragmented backgrounds are particularly influenced by the artist’s recollection of shattering
    windows during bombings, alluding to a relationship between acoustic and visual memory, which is a common thread throughout his oeuvre. Making use of a colour palette which
    includes tones of blue and gold, Banisadr’s paintings remind the viewer of European religious imagery.

    The exhibition will remain open through July 28, 2019.