• Arnulf Rainer
    October 20, 2012 - April 8, 2013
    Arnulf Rainer Museum Baden (A)

    The Arnulf Rainer Museum in Baden just opened „New, Unfigured, and Interesting“ showcasing Arnulf Rainer`s artistic universe in a more comprehensive and richer way by using specific aspects of this approach in order to take a fresh look at what has already been presented, but also to shed light on completely unknown positions from the artists oeuvre. A major part of these works has never previously been shown in public, so a surprising wealth of work is now appearing in a museum for the first time.


    With this new exhibition, Rainer reveals a vegetative world to us, full of blooms and marked by sensual images. He complements the exotic world and makes it his own. It is a world whose name is reminiscent of ancient arenas, where gladiators and wild animals appeared and people practised weightlessness.

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